Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Perfect Summer Days...

I had just spoken to a fellow gardener/nature lover of not seeing any hummingbirds thus far, this year. Just standing near the sink, the sound of the house wren made me turn to look out and there it was...hovering over the hanging impatiens. And THEN...zoooooom! Joined by another! NEVER ever ever in my almost 60 yrs. have I seen a pair of hummingbirds! In the last few years, I have seen a hummingbird at rest and I swear I stopped breathing both times.

Hummingbirds were followed by a pair of black-capped chickadees at the small bird bath...their mee mee meep sound unmistakable. Cat bird (there has been a pair here since Spring) arrived thereafter and the yard is a sanctuary with bunnies and birds.

I caught a good close look at the adorable house wren when I heard an unfamiliar bird sound...a constant clucking communication between two birds...almost a sound of agitation and there it was. Yes, reddish, a little speckled, a little striped and with quite a vocabulary. They also have THE most beautiful and lengthy song for such a tiny bird. I am honored to have them nesting in a gourd hanging in my ancient dwarf pear tree.

These last two days have been THE MOST purrrrfect of summer days and I made sure to pry myself away from art to sit in the summer sun reading, languishing, listening... is good !

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