Sunday, March 1, 2009


Once you set yourself up for it, you are also setting yourself up for disappointment.
Of course, this only applies to 'expecting from' people other than yourself and you should never (do we ever?) expect from yourself either. I mean, afterall, why jeopardize your only safe haven, your only assured source of kindness and support with such an unnecessary pressure?! (that safe haven being yourself)

From others...well, I have expected only what was 'supposed to' come naturally from certain people based on their relationships to me (love/support from former parents, former spouse) and have specifically been disappointed beyond repair! This is why I have learned to rely on myself and instead of expecting from others, have chosen to be pleasantly surprised by them. It happens, not that often, which makes the occurrence especially delightful!

A friend gruffly spoke (still does!)..."Nobody cares!" I understand his sentiment better now than when he first spoke it, however, I would like to modify it a bit.

"No one will care more about you than you!"

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