Saturday, March 14, 2009

My Fish Fry...

Fish Fry

I really should have taken a photo of this meal, however, I was so anxious to eat, I couldn't take the time. In lieu of photo is one of my watercolors. Fish! and...
another stop to the butcher for fish...lake perch. I have been craving!

A fishing friend (I don't fish, the friend does), shared a little secret with me...combine pancake mix with the flour. Well, I do that and last night's ratio was more pancake (I use Krusteaz), than flour, season salt, few dashes of Bay, lots of pepper...oil with a pat of butter and fry until really gold and crispy. Garnish with lots of lemon!

Served with 'real' french fries (did you know that one restaurant baking potato is plenty of fries for one person?!) and a salad of pretty greens with just a simple vinaigrette, this is another favorite meal of mine. The flavors combine so nicely...I savored. A meal that will be repeated without doubt.

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