Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Baked Breaded Bread...

Fresh from the oven...

Cooling on towels...Tsoureki. Greek Easter bread flavored with mastic. I set this day aside to bake this bread which is part of my personal Easter tradition.

The beauty of the bread is in its preparation--last night, putting out the yeast and sweet butter...this morning, putting out the eggs to come to room temp while I had coffee and tended to my little chum. Measuring cups, flour, spoons...careful stirring and kneading...thought and plotting all along the way.

I also had planned to clean in between 'risings' (there are three) and really found the bread, the cleanup, a bite for breakfast & lunch, general futzing left no time for serious cleaning, and you know, it didn't matter! That was also the beauty of the baking and the day.

The bread devoured almost the entire day, I had the day to give...and I just hope the bread isn't devoured as quickly.

Life is good...don't you forget it!

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