Friday, May 1, 2009

May Day, May Day...


Happy May Day...!

I was backing out of my driveway this morning headed for work and in my rearview mirror, across the street, I could see a tiny pot of purple/fuschia flowers sitting next to the newspaper on my neighbor Kathy's doorstep. Once out of the drive, I stopped to have a better look. I thought when Kathy comes to get her morning news, she will be so surprised, delighted by this 'gift of gardening' given by ???

When my workday was done and I returned home, car parked...I walked to my front porchette for the mail to find what appeared to be an identical pot of flowers! I was suprised, delighted! The same 'gardening' fairy had made a stop at my home too and I found it a tad funny that these flowers might have been there when I left in the morning.

As you can see, this is no ordinary pot...fashioned with handle, veggie tin and like a tiny paint pot...attached to the wire handle, a small tag wishing "Happy May Day". I was still wondering, pondering because there are a few of us here who are happy in the garden. Eventually and fortunately, I flipped the little tag over to reveal: Margie. Only a few doors away, Margie is a new found friend, fellow artist and Master Gardener.

Margie...You made a good day a better one and the first day of this May, one I won't forget.
Thank you!
...and what becomes of May Day in July

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