Monday, January 11, 2010

Season's Greetings

Season's Greetings

This the card I made for a very few people this season...six to be exact not including the few I kept for myself. Four of those six people received a little hand decorated sack of meaningful gifts which I thoroughly enjoyed gathering, putting together decorating. In turn, I received little treasures too which are as specific to me as what I gifted to them.

One gift a gift of a friend's art. She told me it has been some time since she gave her art away, that she's happy we are friends and thinks I am good for her. That is a gift in itself! ...and I feel quite the same about her.

This holiday season has been the best I've had thus far in my lifetime. Off work for a little more than a week, comfortable with little Mil, no demands!, rest, art, food...freedom, peace & quiet and ...peace.
...the meaning of the season finally coming to fruition and shared with just a few people who may have had a more hectic time than I (I don't have hectic ever anymore :-), but all feeling quite the same about the spirit, the holiday, the season. most content and contented holiday.

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