Monday, January 11, 2010


I've always picked 'things' up from the outdoors and have made a habit of bumping into at least one little treasure while on a walk or particularly as a memento from a good day with a friend. A few of these were given to me by a friend and one natural object represents a lunch with someone I hadn't seen for 42 years.

The box itself is a 'found' treasure. Awakening one Sunday morning to see a big wooden crate discarded across the street, I couldn't get dressed quickly enough! It was filled with more wooden boxes of varying sizes, shapes...all quite old and wonderful. These were the last remnants of George Shane who passed away more than 30 years ago...I never met him but knew of his love for wood, re-using/re-fashioning cigar boxes, discarded wood into something functioning. This particular box was also a treasure to a mouse...perhaps home once and the segment right above the acorn 'hats' has been nicely chewed into a crescent.

The twig was my last 'find'. Over the season helping a friend to pack and she sending me off with many many wonderful old things from her life, I saw the branch in her driveway and exclaimed "perfect!" She laughed because I'm always gathering, saving. It was the last memento/texture/shape I needed for this little box which was a work in progress. I was right!

I had to give thought on how to have it all remain intact without gluing and so...the wire. Contrast to all that is natural, but also very fine and delicate in its way and my way of working with it. ...a tiny tag to commemorate, remember ... I am so fond of this.

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